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There are many different ways to support the Mauritshuis. Please read more about our projects below.
Art Treasures from New York
On February 5, 2015, The Frick Collection. Art Treasures from New York will open with 36 art works on loan to the Mauritshuis. The exhibition features masterpieces from the thirteenth through nineteenth centuries, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative arts. Never has such a large representation of the Frick Collection been loaned anywhere.  Thanks to generous supporters like you, the American Friends were able to contribute $80,000 towards this important exhibition.
Grand re-opening summer 2014

In preparation of the grand re-opening in the summer of 2014, the American Friends contributed $100,000 towards the new lighting for all of the paintings on display. The re-opening was a highly-celebrated event and chronicled by many of the world’s leading news organizations, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Salomon van Ruysdael
View of Beverwijk from the
, circa 1661
Panel, 41 x 35.5 cm.
In 1999, Matthijs de Clercq donated View of Beverwijk from the Wijkemeer by Salomon van Ruysdael to the collection of the Mauritshuis through the American Friends. This partial and promised gift became part of the permanent collection in 2014, where it is a wonderful addition to the stellar landscapes already in the collection. For information on donating paintings, please contact us.
In 2010, American Express sponsored the scholarly exhibition The Young Vermeer through the American Friends. The three earliest known paintings by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) were exhibited at the Mauritshuis  from 12 May until 22 August 2010. It was the first time these works were shown together in the Netherlands. These early painting are atypical for Vermeer. They do not represent richly decorated interiors filled with alluring women; instead he painted three remarkably large works depicting a mythological scene, a story from the Bible and a rather daring scene from everyday life. Nonetheless, every one of them reveals Vermeer’s hand and his interest in capturing stillness and the fall of light. Two additional works from the Mauritshuis’s permanent collection were included as well, that also have atypical subjects. One is a townscape, the other a so-called ‘tronie’ – a study of a facial expression or character type. If you are interested in making grants to the Mauritshuis for exhibitions or to support scholarly research, please contact us.
The American Friends has been supporting the acquisition of new frames for some of the paintings in the permanent collection of the Mauritshuis. Recent frames were bought for the following paintings: 
Rembrandt's Susanna
Jan Gossaert's Madonna and child
Anthonis Mor van Dashorst's Portrait of Steven van Herwijck (illustrated)
Paulus Potter's Bull
If you like to contribute towards new frames for paintings in the collection, please contact us.